In a re run of the 2014 Malin disaster, almost an entire village in Maharashtra’s Raigad district got buried under a landslide. The incident happened at Talai village in Raigad district and authorities have confirmed that 32 villagers in the incident have died.

The incident happened at 4pm on Thursday evening when heavy rains caused a landslide and villagers living below got stuck within it. Around 36 homes have been buried and locals near the village said that they estimated that around 80 to 90 people might have been living in these homes. The death toll is expected to go up further as at least 40 to 50 bodies might be still trapped under the debris.

Incidentally in spite of the incident happening at around 4pm on Thursday till 1.30pm there was no government official or rescue team that was present at the village to conduct rescue efforts. Government officials claimed that access to the village has been cut off as there have been several landslides and roads have been either washed away or flooded. The BJP has slammed the state government for not doing any rescue efforts in spite of several hours after the incident.

The incident is a stark reminder of another tragedy in 2014 when 153 people in a village Malin died after a similar landslide in Pune.


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