Joynal Abedin: The financial sector has started anew after overcoming the pressure of Kavid. But still the entrepreneurs are not able to overcome the fear. Because the whole world including Bangladesh is worried about the new type of Kavid Omicron. According to the data, at the end of last September, the distribution of loans in the industrial sector increased by 12.39 percent but the collection has decreased by 1.69 percent.

Concerned parties say that now all the traders want to deposit money in their hands. Because, if the third push of Kavid is made in a situation like lockdown, it will be very difficult to run the business. So they are delaying the payment of bank installments.

According to the updated data of Bangladesh Bank

According to the updated data of Bangladesh Bank, the amount of industrial loan disbursement at the end of September 2020 was 94,649 crore 8 lakh. In a span of one year (this September) it has increased by 12.39 percent and reached one lakh six thousand 596 crore 72 crore.

Meanwhile, the rate of recovery of industrial loans has declined by 1.89 per cent against distribution. According to the data, the amount of industrial loan collection in September 2020 was 84 thousand 232 crore 8 lakh taka, which stood at 72 thousand 736 crore 69 lakh taka in the current September.

According to the Bangladesh Bank, out of th

According to the Bangladesh Bank, out of the total industrial loans disbursed, Tk 6,13,835 crore is outstanding. In comparison, this amount is 7.43 percent more than the previous year. In September 2020, the arrears were five lakh 61 thousand 356 crore. Out of the total loans disbursed in the industrial sector, the amount of maturity stood at Tk 84,736 crore. However, in September 2020, which was 85 thousand 903 crore.

Bankers said that in June last year, due to the outbreak and outbreak of Kavid in the country, the disbursement of credit to the industrial sector had decreased, but the general situation has improved somewhat due to the recent increase in credit flow from the government. However, overall, the disbursement of loans to the private sector has not improved much. As of last October, the disbursement of loans to the private sector has increased by only 9.44 percent.

According to the Bangladesh Bank, the disbursement of term loans to the industrial sector has decreased by four per cent or Tk 617 crore in one year. At the end of September 2020, the amount of term industrial loan disbursement was 15 thousand 458 crore. In September this year, it stood at 14 thousand 734 crore. The amount of term loan disbursement increased by 0.60 per cent and 9.69 per cent in large scale industries and small scale industries respectively but decreased by 36.69 per cent in medium scale industries.

According to the Bangladesh Bank

The current capital loan disbursement amounted to Tk 69,393 crore in the September quarter of 2020. However, after one year, it has increased by 15.56 percent and stood at Tk 91,063 crore. Working capital disbursements increased by 14.34 per cent, 19.75 per cent and 24.30 per cent in large, medium and small scale industries respectively.

According to the data, the bank has disbursed industrial loans worth Tk 1,06,597.62 crore till September this year. Of these, investment in large, medium and small scale industries has increased by 12.28, 7.6 and 21.28 percent respectively. Among the loans disbursed in the September quarter of this year were large, medium and according to the size of the industry

The rate of small scale industries is 61.6, 9.62 and 6.31 percent respectively.

The managing director (MD) of a private bank, who did not want to be named, said the demand for industrial loans had increased as the epidemic situation had improved. However, the uncertainty has not yet subsided. A third push from Kavid could come. Many people in our country have not yet been vaccinated. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.