Amit Shah’s message was rejected by the opposition

Hindi should be used more in government work than English. To strengthen the unity of India, Hindi should be given importance instead of English. After the 38th meeting of the Parliamentary Official Language Committee, the head of the committee and Union Home Minister Amit Shah gave such a message. Controversy has erupted over his message, and a storm of condemnation and protest has erupted. Allegedly, in Shah’s speech, it may seem that the Center is trying to spread the local language more than the foreign language, but in the background, the BJP has an agenda to impose ‘one country, one language’. According to many, one of the secret programs of the BJP is to establish Hindi ‘Dadagiri’ over Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. The BJP government wants to carry out the aggression of Hindi by bringing Hindi as an alternative to English by tickling the national pride.

Shah said, “According to the latest data, Hindi is used in about 80 per cent of government jobs in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has therefore decided to use official language in government work. This will definitely increase the importance of Hindi. It is time to use the official language to protect the unity of the country. The Union Home Minister also said, “When government workers in two different languages ​​speak to each other, their language should be that of the native language, not English.”

Sarab Congress, Trinamool Congress, CPM, DMK against Shah’s statement. Congress Rajya Sabha MP from West Bengal Abhishek Manu Singhvi says in Delhi, ‘Will you fill your stomach with Hindi? They are now taking Hindi to look away from all the important issues including inflation and bakery.
Like Siddaramaiah, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka, ‘Hindi has never been our state language. I will not let that happen. ‘

Trinamool Congress state general secretary and spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, “We respect the Hindi language. I also respect Hindi speakers I love Hindi speaking artists, writers, common people. However, we do not support the way the Home Minister has given a terrible signal of aggression. Oppose. Instead of using English, he speaks Hindi. Used another language, Language of India. I would like to politely remind you that Hindi is not our state language. We have no state language. There is unity in diversity here. Different states have different types of languages. Our language is Bengali. But there are definitely a lot of Hindi speakers here. English is a very important language in terms of communication in education and internationalization. As a result, various regional languages ​​are being used in the system of the country. And English is being used in international affairs. We want the system to stay that way. It will not be acceptable policy to say that Hindi will be imposed on the country, Hindi will be imposed on Bengal, Hindi will be imposed on Assam and Orissa. It is a disturbing reflection of the well-planned Hindi aggression. If Hindi is imposed, we have opposition.