Secretary of the Army SMShafiuddin Ahmed said the unit would produce non-toxic and organic crops in barren soil in all districts of the country.

“We have carried out a special project to grow fresh organic crops in each canton region of the country,” he said Thursday afternoon while attending an agricultural product competition in the Sabar region. ..
General Shafiudin said: Gradually, the general public will be able to buy non-toxic vegetables, fruits, fish and dairy products produced by the military. “We need to set goals not only to increase production, but also to secure non-toxic and organic produce.” Inspired by Prime Minister’s breakthrough measures, the military is in ensuring food safety in Bangladesh. He added that he wanted to play an important role. Achieve food self-sufficiency by cultivating every corner of the land.

“Ponds and wetlands are being used for fish cultivation and poultry farming. In addition to different types of fish farming, catfish and tilapia fish are being produced following biofloc method in the cantonment areas,” Gen Shafiuddin said. Quartermaster General (QMG) of the Army Lt Gen Md Saiful Alam, Adjutant General of Army Maj Gen Md Moshfequr Rahman, GOC Ninth Infantry Division and Savar Area Commander Maj Gen Mohammad Shaheenul Haque and other high officials were also present during the visit.
Principal Staff Officer (PSO) of the Armed Forces Division (AFD) of the Army Lieutenant General WakeruzZaman, Lieutenant General Mohammad Saiful Alam, Chief Consultant General Major General FM Zahid Hossain, and others were also present during the visit.

The chief of army staff said that the Khurushkul Project, which is being constructed under the supervision of the Bangladesh Army, is one of the priority projects of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
The main goal of the project is to rehabilitate 3,808 landless families due to climate change effects and the expansion of Cox`s Bazar Airport. The project was approved at the Ecnec meeting on November 24 in 2020.
One of the main features of the project is to construct a total of 119 fivestoried buildings with pile foundations. In addition, various facilities including places of worship, cyclone shelters, playgrounds, and clean water supply are being constructed under this project.