Anger of Foreign and Expatriate Welfare Minister. Seeking the intervention of the Prime Minister
Azad Sulaiman Domestic and foreign airlines have increased fares on all routes of Dhaka-Middle East air route on trivial excuses. Route especially somewhere double – somewhere more than that. Whether workers or traders Ñ everyone has to count the extra rent. Before that, the fare on the Dhaka-Riyadh route was 30 to 40 thousand rupees. Now the rent is being taken from 75 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. The return fare from Dhaka to Dubai was 40 to 50 thousand rupees. Now it is being taken from 90 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. In this way, the fares of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and other Middle Eastern countries including the UAE have been increased in Tughlaq style.

  1. Anarchy in the air. Airlines are charging exorbitant fares
  2. Rents have tripled in the Middle East
  3. The ministry and Bebichak say they have nothing to do
  4. Atab, Hub, and Baira protested

Seeking the intervention of the Prime Minister

There are no seats, the passenger pressure is high and the pockets of millions of poor workers and common people are being cut. On the one hand, as the cost of immigration has increased, so has the instability and anarchy in the country’s aviation sector. The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) say it is not the government’s responsibility to intervene or curb fares. This will be fixed by the traders of this sector. The chairman of civil aviation also said that they have nothing to do. The Association of Travel Agencies Bangladesh (ATAB), the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA), the Hodge Association of Bangladesh (HAB), and the general public have separately protested against the fare anarchy. Atab and Baira also made specific proposals to control the situation. The authorities of the airlines are denying the reduced fare. Experts say the issue of rent should be decided by all concerned.

Anger of Foreign and Expatriate

According to the research, foreign airlines are charging two to three times more than the neighboring countries India and Nepal. A passenger has to pay Rs 18,000 to Rs 20,000 for a one-way flight from Kolkata to Dubai. Bangladeshis have to pay 75 to 75 thousand rupees for airfare from Dhaka. Passengers have to pay 20 to 25 thousand rupees to go to Dubai from Nepal. This fare from Bangladesh is three times. In all the countries of the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Bangladeshis have to count the pocket-cut rent. Fares of other top airlines including Bangladesh Biman, Emirates, Qatar, Turkish, Fly Dubai have also been skyrocketed. Expatriate workers lost in this unusual hire. Airlines are looting a large portion of the remittances they send to the country each year. The Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment has repeatedly written to the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism to stop the looting, but no action has been taken. Belichick also expressed helplessness in this regard. Even after giving instructions in this regard, the airlines are not taking it into account. It can be said that all the airlines are cutting the pockets of the passengers in the name of increasing the fare by disobeying the instructions of Bebichak. No one has a clear answer as to why the airlines are taking such unusual fares in the case of Bangladeshis. In hindsight, it seems that there is no one to see the rent anarchy in the air.

According to the research, foreign airlines

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has been asked to intervene to reduce airfares for Bangladeshi workers in Middle Eastern countries. AK Abdul Momen. Speaking on the occasion of International Migrants Day at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital on Saturday, he said that the working people who are going to the Middle East have to pay several times more for airfare. The airfare has increased from Rs 40,000 to more than Rs 1 lakh. This is by no means acceptable. The state minister for aviation has already been requested to bring it to a tolerable level. I have asked the Hon’ble Prime Minister to intervene in this matter. At a press conference on Immigration Day, Expatriate Welfare Minister Imran Ahmed expressed his displeasure over the reduction in airfares for expatriates. “I ended up talking about it,” he said. How many times have I been given a letter? No work.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has been asked

Ashish Roy Chowdhury, vice chairman of the Board of Airlines Representative (BAR) and the country’s top aviation expert, expressed surprise at such anarchy in the name of fare hike. He told Daily Janakantha that even today (Saturday) Qatar Airways has been promoting Dhaka Montreal business class return tickets for only Tk 225,000. However, less than one-fourth of the distance is being collected in the return economy class of Dhaka Qatar from 80 to 90 thousand rupees. Again-Dhaka-New York Business class rent in Dhaka is being shown for only 1 lakh 8 thousand rupees. In the economy, it is only 90 thousand. So what? Only in the Middle East are these manipulations being carried out. Because of the reduction in corona, now more visas are being issued to the workers. The stranded workers are also anxious to return to work. Several airlines, including Biman, are capitalizing on that opportunity. He said that basically, the state airlines of this country have increased the fares on these routes at an unusual rate. Foreign airlines are following suit. In order to normalize the situation, the airline has to reduce the fare first. Asked who is responsible for controlling fares, Ashish Roy Chowdhury said, “Airlines business follows some guidelines worldwide.” It is the responsibility of Civil Aviation as the regulator to take care of the rent if it is abnormal or unreasonable. They can call the airlines and ask for an explanation.