Actress Anushka Sharma, who is known for her impeccable acting skills is also a passionate environmentalist and often expresses her views and opinions while spreading awareness about it. Now, the actress who recently became a mommy has launched an initiative to raise awareness about ‘circular fashion’ by putting up her maternity clothes for an online sale and the funds collected from it will be donated to support maternal health through a foundation. Opening up on the same, in a conversation with the ETimes, the actress said, ‘This is a very simple way that each of us can live kinder lives. By sharing pieces back into the circular fashion system and shopping preloved, we have a huge positive impact on the environment.’ Further, while stating that a small action can make a real difference, she said, ‘During my pregnancy, I thought this phase in our lives is uniquely suited to participate in the circular economy. So I hope we can kickstart this ecosystem together. For instance, if even just 1 percent of pregnant women in urban India bought one piece of preloved maternity clothing over newly manufactured, each year we can conservatively save about as much water as a person drinks in over 200 years! This is a way in which a small action of each individual can make a real difference’. She even took to her Instagram handle to share the insights of the campaign and penned a note which read, ‘I’m thrilled to launch my new initiative, through which I’ve shared some of my favourite maternity wear for an online charity sale, with proceeds supporting maternal health.’

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