The entertainment world, or, showbiz, as most call it, has been criticised for the longest time for setting unrealistic beauty standards. So many controversies over airbrushed images of celebrities have cropped up over the years. And almost every famous person has been made to feel their body isn’t perfect the way it is, or that they need to go under the knife to look a certain way. Arjun Rampal‘s partner, Gabriella Demetriades, who is a model-designer has now revealed that she, too, had to hear some unpleasant things about her body during her modelling days. She shared the same in an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram. During the session, a fan asked her, ‘Have you ever struggled with your body confidence/ image? any advice?’ Her candid response was, ‘Yes, sadly the fashion industry wasn’t as diverse as it is today. I would be told all the time I’m not tall enough, my hips are too big, my thighs too thick, basically whatever they didn’t like. It took me a long time to not place my worth on those things.’ Another fan asked her, ‘Your skin is so perfect, looking so healthy what’s your secret?’ In her response, she gave an unfiltered glimpse of her face and wrote, ‘I still have some pigmentation from pregnancy but I feel no alcohol, lots of sleep and exercise and a good routine (washing your face, sunscreen, moisturiser when needed and lots of Vitamin C) has really helped me.’ Another fan asked her about her home-professional life balance. Responding to the question, Gabriella dropped a picture of her feeding Arik while clicking his picture and said, ‘multi tasking’. Arjun and Gabriella had welcomed son Arik in July 2019. Arjun had announced Gabriella’s pregnancy in April that year. Their Instagram profiles are filled with heartwarming family pictures.

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