On the occasion of Victory Day, special meals were arranged for the students of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam University. He threatened and insulted president Sirajum Munira for not handing over the money to Rakibul Hasan, the general secretary of the campus Chhatra League. Following the incident, four residential teachers of the hall, including Sirajum Munira, submitted their resignation letters to the registrar of the university on Wednesday.

special meals were arranged for the students

The teachers who resigned from the hall are Principal Sirajum Munira, House Tutor Arif Ahmed, Afruza Islam Lipi, Rashedur Rahman, and Farzana Khanam. University Registrar. Md. Humayun Kabir has confirmed the resignation letter.

It is learned that on the occasion of the golden jubilee of independence, Dolanchapa was organized by arranging high-quality food for the students. For this polao rice and Khasi are bought. Upon receiving the news, BCL leader Rakibul Hasan made various threats and intimidation.

resigned from the hall are Principa

Teacher Sirajum Munira said, “I was threatened and told to go to the students’ hall. Later, two house tutors and student advisor Tapan Kumar Sarkar and Proctor Dr. I went to talk to Chhatra League leaders about Ujjal Kumar Pradhan. At this time another student got excited and started threatening us. Chhatra League leader Rakib Dolan asked Chapa to hand over the entire money for the food in the hall.

The president further said, “Khasi, polao rice and gifts have been bought for Rs 71,000 for food.” The students were also given food tokens. This made the BCL leaders more excited. They say they have to sell this and other items and hand over the entire money to them. Chhatra League leaders say they will organize the boys together with the hall. Only those who do Chhatra League will eat together. Those who do not join Chhatra League do not have the right to eat Khasi. ‘

Teacher Sirajum Munira said

Elaborating on the incident on Tuesday afternoon, Principal Sirajum Munira further said that BCL leader Rakib had told him, “No one can stay in the university without following the instructions of the secretary.” I have been building all the systems on campus for 10 years. The provost I want will be the provost. I (Rakib) can no longer accept you (Sirajum Munira). ‘ So I decided to resign. I resigned from the administration on Wednesday afternoon. ‘

Elaborating on the incident on Tuesday

Rakibul Hasan, general secretary of the university’s Chhatra League, said, “There is no question of asking for donations.” At the request of the students, we wanted to organize two meals together. This talk took place in front of the University Student Adviser and Proctor Sir. Instead, the chairperson of Dolanchapa Hall unilaterally arranged the meal without informing the student representatives. The students of the hall got angry at this. ‘