North Korea’s weakest children and the elderly are at risk of starvation, says Thomas Oheya Kintana, a UN human rights expert.

North Korea’s special UN human rights official has blamed international sanctions and sanctions for the Kovid-19 epidemic for the country’s food crisis.

Thomas said ordinary North Koreans “are struggling daily to live a dignified life.” To avoid a crisis, he called for the lifting of UN sanctions on North Korea’s nuclear program.

According to the BBC, North Korea’s economy is expected to go through a very difficult period. The country has taken drastic measures to curb Covid, including imposing travel bans and closing its borders.

This has reduced the incomes of many North Koreans, especially those who depend on trade along China’s border. North Korea is dependent on China for food, fertilizer and fuel.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also admitted this week that the country is going through a very bad situation. The country’s state news agency has published the news.

There are also reports of rising food prices in North Korea. NK News reported last June that the price of 1 kg of banana was ড 45.

“The United Nations should focus on easing international sanctions and provide humanitarian and life-saving assistance,” said Thomas, a UN human rights expert in North Korea, in his latest report.

US President Joe Biden has said he is ready to negotiate with North Korea. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat North Korea’s nuclear program. But North Korea has so far refused to do so.

Earlier this week, Kim again blamed the United States for provoking tensions and said it needed to continue developing weapons to defend itself.

Despite its economic woes, North Korea continues to develop its weapons and enrich its missile arsenal. The country has conducted several missile tests in recent times. They claim that these are new hypersonic and anti-aircraft missiles.