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China must respond to new US provocations

China has publicly announced that if the US government does not immediately withdraw its troops from China’s Taiwan province, China will soon send troops there because only the United States has not secretly sent “special operations teams.” As the United States has leaked the news through anonymous officials, it has taken a step toward weakening the conditions for establishing diplomatic relations in mainland China from secret to semi-secret. The statement, which threatened to sever diplomatic ties with the United States, came in October, from an editorial in the Global Times, a Chinese Communist Party newspaper. Its editorials speak in favor of the Chinese government, while statements from the US White House speak in favor of the US government.

The Chinese editorial explained that

China must respond to new US provocations in order for both Washington and the island of Taiwan to fully realize the consequences of their conflict. Otherwise, in the next step, U.S. military personnel may appear on the island of Taiwan in public after the uniform. Their numbers could exceed dozens to hundreds or more to form a de-facto US garrison on the island.

In other words, US “special operations forces” could be killed when China sends its military to Taiwan. China has said it will send troops to deal with the ongoing insurgency in the province. China says the United States will send troops and aircraft to the island of Taiwan before it openly attacks the island, so that they can be in a better position to deal with a US attack. China is clearly aiming here to avoid building U.S. garrisons on the island. If China were to go to the island to kill U.S. troops, it would only kill those “special operations forces” personnel. They will not attack any “garrison” because China is also keeping in mind the damage.

The U.S. government and the Chinese government have officially recognized that Taiwan is a province of China, not a separate nation. But what the Biden administration is doing now is in fact a violation of the US government’s long-standing policy in this regard. “As I reported last September 14,” China and the United States are on the brink of war. ”

China must respond to new US provocations

At the moment, Biden is being threatened by the neoconservatives. If he does not threaten China, he will be charged with “losing Taiwan.” But he also thinks the US government will violate US “one China” policy. The agreement has been in place since February 2, 1982, when Shanghai Communications. The U.S. government then signed a pledge and commitment with China that, “The United States acknowledges that there are all Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. So only China and Taiwan are a part of China. The US government never challenges that position. The agreement demonstrates China’s own interest in the peaceful settlement of the Taiwan issue.

Excerpts from a column by investigative historian and author Eric Joyce, published in Modern Diplomacy magazine.

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