Maxine Dogan became pregnant within a few months of starting work as a sex worker. He said he had a special relationship with a customer. At that time the customer took off the condom without informing him. As soon as Maxine understood the matter, he ran to the bathroom. However, when he returned home, the client left the scene.

Maxine Dogan was then only 20 years old. The doctor asked her to undergo a series of tests to find out if she had a sexually transmitted infection. Tests show that all the results are negative. Six weeks later, Dogan had an abortion. It cost her ড 300 to have an abortion at that time. Then he had to stay at home for a month.

The way the client treated her, Dogan thought, was not illegal. But now there is a law. Dogan said there is no way to behave like that now. Condom removal without their consent during sexual intercourse with sex workers has been declared illegal in California.

Condom removal without consent at intimate moments is illegal

Last Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsam signed a bill, according to a report in the BBC. Where condom removal without the consent of the sex worker has been declared illegal. The new law has been added to the definition of sexuality in California. As a result, California is the first state in the United States where the removal of a condom without her verbal consent during sexual intercourse with a sex worker is said to be ‘illegal’.

The bill was introduced by California lawmaker Christina Garcia. He said the bill would ensure that removing condoms by cheating during sexual intercourse is no longer just immoral, but a punishable offense. He also commented that this law is timely.