Delilah Belle Hamlin talks about the persistent health problems she has been working on for months. In a 28-minute inspiring video on
Instagram, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughter, Delilah, are addicted to Xanax earlier this year while fighting an autoimmune disorder that they believe is due to the COVID-19 vaccine. It was revealed that he had been treated for.
“This is scary because someone near me asked me not to talk to me,” the 23-year-old model began. Basically, earlier this year, in February and March I would like to say that my COVID19 vaccine knows enough about it-no one knew. “My arm hurts a little,” he said.
Delilah Belle Hamlin talks about prescription addiction.
Delilah Belle Hamlin talks about prescription drug addiction. (Photo: FilmMagic)
“I got sick for about 36 hours after the second vaccination. I felt painful, but whatever,” she continued. “That’s the beginning of everything.” According to the
model, she has a streptococcal infection (PANDAS), Epstein-Barr virus, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), encephalitis, brain inflammation, and five different tick-borne diseases. Suffering from childhood autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with.
“I didn’t know that the vaccine would cause an autoimmune response in my body,” she claimed. “Basically, it burned up and started a specific autoimmune disease that I didn’t know I had … it’s hard to talk about because I’m not supposed to talk about it.”
CDC According to, clinical studies show COVID 19-vaccines are safe and effective for people with the underlying disorder.
Delilah continued. “Feeling like the flu all the time, I really got sick. I had migraines and had panic attacks-I never wanted these panic attacks against my worst enemy. Body Was always in fight or flight mode. In April 44, Delilah went to a psychiatrist for a severe panic attack associated with compulsive disorder (OCD).
“He prescribed me a drug that one of my friends took about 10 milligrams, he gave me about 20 milligrams three times a day, and then he gave me 3 milligrams of Xanax a day. So my body became addicted to Xanax Number One and Number 2, I overdose-I didn’t mean to-I overdose that one drug called propranolol I did, “she said. Arizona, “Um, help me get off Xanax.”
“I wasn’t like a drug addict, but my body was dependent on [Zanax] because the doctor prescribed me a lot. Vaccines, they could have been caused by the vaccine. I think it was the fundamental thing I think. I’m not a doctor, but that’s my theory, “she revealed.
Delilah succeeded in “reducing” the use of Xanax, but “had left and right seizures” in July. She says it’s due to encephalitis. Ultimately, the model had to find an alternative treatment site.
“It was great. I was very excited that everything was healed,” continued Delilah. “But unfortunately I was at medical risk and was politely asked to go there three weeks later.” Sometimes very emotional,
Delilah said he returned home from treatment on Monday. Told. She said, “Her illness is so bad that she can’t accept it anywhere,” and asked her followers to share her resources.
Delilah called on Yolanda Hadid, whose public fight against Lyme disease was recorded in Real House Wives in Beverly Hills, to clearly help her. During Season 6 of RHOBH, Lina and Hadid fought when Delilah’s mother suggested that Yolanda was suffering from Munchausen Syndrome.
In her August, Delilah took a break from social media to prioritize her physical and mental health.
“Now I feel strangely guilty about it, but I have to prioritize my physical and mental health,” she wrote. “It’s starting to get a little creepy, so if you don’t participate much in social media, if you miss the deadline, if you don’t see it, or if you don’t reply to the message, yes.” Sorry, I’m taking this break. Should be used to save energy and heal. You can post if you feel like it, but you can take a break from Instagram to take a break and heal. “The
CDC website states:” Adults of all ages with a particular underlying disorder are at increased risk of serious illness from the virus that causes COVID 19. The COVID19 vaccine is recommended and can be given to most people with existing conditions. “