Independent mayoral candidate in Narayanganj City Corporation Taimur Alam Khandaker has demanded to stop arrest and harassment of leaders, activists and supporters before the election. Addressing the Election Commissioner and the Superintendent of Police, he said, “Please do not question the election.”

Taimur Alam Khandaker said

Former BNP chairperson’s adviser Taimur Alam Khandaker said this after campaigning in Killarpur area of ​​Narayanganj city around 10:30 am on Thursday. There he does public relations and wants voters to vote. He later made public connections in the Dwigubabu Bazaar area of ​​the city.

Independent mayoral candidate

Taimur Alam alleged that his party leaders, activists and supporters were being searched and harassed by the police at their homes. His election agents and those working in his support are being threatened at their homes. Last Wednesday night, 10 to 15 policemen took position in front of his house. There are cases against BNP leaders and workers in absentia. Harassment of cases in absentia has not stopped yet.

Taimur Alam alleged that his party

Drawing the attention of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Taimur Alam said, “Your police are harassing you. You will do what the law says after the vote on the 16th. But let the election be fair. Don’t let the election be disrupted. ‘

Referring to fears in the election, Taimur said the police were working on behalf of the ruling party’s candidate. On the other hand, he is harassing the leaders, workers and supporters of his party. If it continues, the fair voting environment will be ruined. In the last few days, 18 people including the acting convener of the district BNP have been arrested.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

“I urge those who are in the foreign embassies to be on the ground on election day,” Taimur said, drawing the attention of international human rights organizations and foreign embassies to the election. He asked the police why his party leaders and supporters were being harassed. ‘ He will win the verdict of the people.