Former RSS ideologue K N Govindacharya Sunday said he expects the incumbent BJP government in Uttar Pradesh to be reelected in the state elections next year. “Though I have not evaluated on these lines, it appears a government under Yogi Adityanath would be formed again in Uttar Pradesh,” he told reporters at Geeta Ashram in Vrindavan.

He said the Uttar Pradesh government has been successful on cultural and social fronts, but much more is expected of it, as of the Central government, on economic fronts.

He was in Mathura as part of the 18-day Yamuna Darshan Yatra campaign for a clean river. He said the yatra started from Vikas Nagar on August 28 and would terminate at Prayagraj on September 15.

The former BJP office-bearer said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is capable of making rivers pollution-free to the extent that their water turns transparent and clean again.

Govindacharya also said he would like Modi to actively intervene to bring back the natural cleanliness of rivers.

On fuel price rise, he said alternative sources of energy should be adopted especially for two-wheelers and cars.

The Yamuna Darshan Yatra was supposed to be launched from Yamunotri but the venue had to be changed due to bad weather conditions in the hills.

The 20-member group in the Yamuna Darshan Yatra is travelling in four taxis and has so far covered important cities and towns situated at the bank of Yamuna in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi.

From Mathura, it would move to its onward journey from Monday.

In the last leg, the yatra would cover Agra, Ferozabad, Etawah, Kalpi, Auraiya and Chitrakoot before concluding at Prayagraj on September 15.


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