Commenting that this government is moving towards dictatorship by changing the constitution, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that in order to liberate the people of the country from the one-party rule of the present government, all political parties must unite and build national unity. Through a united movement, this government has to be overthrown and a new parliament and government have to be formed by holding elections under a neutral government.

The BNP secretary general said, “The biggest damage to the political structure of this country is that they have repealed the provisions of the caretaker government.” You know, the demand of this caretaker government was brought by Awami League. They killed people with logs and oars in this demand. But after coming to power, they canceled it. Today people are being deprived of the right to vote. In 2016, people could not vote. In 2014, they elected unopposed.

Regarding RAB, he said, “America has imposed sanctions against RAB for human rights violations. Seven officers, including our police chief, have been banned by the United States. They should have been fired. But without doing so, a few days ago, two people were killed in crossfire again. The US ambassador said the sanctions would not be lifted unless the problems were addressed. And the foreign minister said they would seek India’s help. Condemn them. They are seeking help from India without taking action against those who created the problem.

‘They have appointed their own people in all places including administration and judiciary. They do not exclude local elections now. Guy takes it hard. Today they have appointed the party administration to perpetuate the power. They have ruthlessly killed our leaders and workers. They have abducted about 600 leaders and activists, including Elias Ali, but have not been able to trace their whereabouts, “said Fakhrul.

He said, ‘A few days ago, Narayanganj district BNP member secretary Professor Mamun Mahmud was brutally stabbed to death. He survived by the grace of God, he was not supposed to survive. The purpose is the same – to perpetuate the rule of the Awami League. No one will be able to express a different opinion here. This is the main objective of Awami League.

He further said, “This government is working to implement the agenda of Awami League by dusting off the aspirations of our liberation war. If they are given more time, this country will not exist. Our leader is under house arrest in a false case. Our acting chairman Tareq Rahman is abroad in a false case. We have to be united and have national unity among all. We have to unite to bring back democracy and bring back public leader Tareq Rahman.

Sonargaon Upazila BNP President Azharul Islam Mannan presided over the discussion meeting and Iftar mahfil organized by Sonargaon Upazila BNP. Sonargaon Thana BNP General Secretary Mosharraf Hossain, Dhaka Divisional Co-Organizing Secretary Abdus Salam, Narayanganj District BNP Acting Convener Monirul Islam Robi, former District BNP President Kazi Moniruzzaman, former District Juba Dal President Mosharraf Hossain, District Chhatra Dal General Secretary Khairul Islam also spoke. District and upazila BNP leaders.