San Francisco, October 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Higg, a technology platform that enables consumer goods companies to measure, manage and share the social and environmental impacts of the entire value chain, is in the role of Higg-Technology today. We have released a new focused report. Helps brands reduce their environmental impact. As of 2019, factories using the Higg platform have improved their environmental assessment results by 20%. Brands and institutions that use Higg to contextualize their supply chain data have proven to be well equipped to respond urgently to the climate crisis.
“To achieve global climate and social change, we need to provide accurate and reliable contextual data to more businesses, more markets and more buyers as soon as possible.” Jason Kibbey, CEO of Higg, said in the first impact report.
In particular, Higg’s platform growth increased by 70%. The total number of users will increase from 10,000 in 2018 to over 45,000 in 2021. Higg users are projected to exceed 50,000 by the end of 2021. The
Higgs Facility Environment Module (or FEM) assesses facility performance in terms of carbon emissions, water usage, waste management, chemical management, and energy usage. Currently closed on an annual basis, institutions can view their annual rating data in one place. The environmental performance dashboard view can be organized so that it can be compared to industry standards and competitors, analyzed for insights, and used to make sustainable investment decisions. The
Impact Report informs all Higg users about their sustainability progress so far. In particular, with regard to energy consumption, improvements in energy efficiency such as increased awareness of energy consumption can be seen in systems that have completed environmental impact assessments for the third consecutive year. For example, according to Higg data, 12% more facilities implemented energy use strategies in 2020 than in 2018.
consumer goods companies can compare the entire product life cycle (from material procurement to customer use) to understand which process is most important overall. Critical sustainability performance. Higg is the only data platform that enables consumer goods companies to collect data at the product level and publish consumer-oriented sustainability statements.
“We are stepping up our commitment to the environment and are committed to helping our suppliers and their factories improve responsible environmental practices and management,” said Ketterina Chung Williams of Sustainability. Sonoma Manager said. “With the Higg analysis tool, you can quickly see the problems your suppliers are facing without having to search thousands of columns in the table.”
From material and product design to manufacturing and equipment, branding and retail. Use Higg to bring a sustainability-oriented perspective to your entire value chain, down to the environmental impact of your store.