Homeowners’ associations are becoming more and more popular with homeowners

Church of Falls, VA, 1 September 2021 (Globe NewsWire) of the municipalities of condominiums and associations of homes owners are still a popular case form for many Americans, according to a new report published by the Foundation for the Research of the Community Association. The US National and Statistical Review 20202021 for data from the Community Association shows which 74.1 million Americans, amounting to about 27% of the US population, now lives in an association of owners, community condominium or cooperative of Housing, collectively known as community associations or planned communities. .
There are about 355,000 community associations in. UU United States from 2020, according to the estimates of the Foundation. Case owners’ associations represent 58% -63% of the total, followed by the condominium community with 35% -40%, and 2% cooperatives -4%. The estimates indicate that the value of families in community associations is almost $ 9.2 billion USD.
Sector experts say healthy reserve funds are essential for community associations, especially following the partial collapse of the Champlain South Torre condominium in Surfside, Florida., At the end of June. The new report shows that around $ 25.8 billion evaluation are provided for the reserve funds for repair, replacement and improvement of common goods, for example, ceilings replacement, roads of forwarding, swimming pool repair and elevators, which respect the new environmental standards and the implementation of new environmental standards. Energy saving features.
For more than 40 years, the Foundation published the National and Statistical Review State of the United States for Community Association data as part of the Community Association’s data book. The relationship is the only one of its kind using the survey data of the American Community (ACS) and US Housing Survey (AHS) (AHS) to align the research of the Community association of Statolevel.
According to the report, in California conducted the nation with 49.520 associations, home of 14 million residents. Florida has older associations with 48,940, followed by Texas (21.470), Illinois (18.830), North Carolina (14.300) and New York (14.030). Last year, there were about 355,000 community associations in the United States. Uu., And the foundation estimates that the number in 2021 increased between 356,000 and 358,000.
Community associations grew constantly and successfully for decades. The vast majority (89%) of the owners of homes and their lives in a “very good” association community (40%), (30%), or “neutral” (19%), according to the owner’s satisfaction survey of 2020, also produced by the Foundation.
Since its inception, this exclusive relationship of the Foundation has been obtained from the interested parties of the Community Association, as owners, administrators and administrative professionals, as well as lawyers, accountants, developers, mortgage mortgage dispensers, federal agencies and public officials , all those who work with the Foundation and the Institute of Community Associations (CAI) to build a better community.
Details of the report of the main reasons for the growth of Community associations:
▪ The value of collective management. Americans have widely accepted the collective management structure of the Community association that lives, where association panels are formed by democratically elected homeowners who voluntarily serve their communities. Research shows that there are 2.4 million members of the Community Association Council and Committee members in. UU US Performing 97.6 million hours of volunteering per year.
▪ Privating public functions. With many local municipalities they face tax challenges, communities often develop with the clause that the manufacturer creates an association that will assume many responsibilities that traditionally belonged to local and state governments (for example, road maintenance, removal of snow and waste and management of rainwater). According to the report, 75% of the new houses built for sale are in a Community association, and the owners who contribute $ 103.2 billion in evaluations to finance essential maintenance.
▪ Expansion of affordable housing. There was a coherent effort to increase the percentage of home owners in the United States, and since 1960, the condominiums worked half of the accommodations, particularly for home buyers for the first time. Community condominium represent 35% -40% of the total reported by community associations.
To view the full report, visit Foundation.caionline.org.
Information in the Information Book of the Community Association have been developed with significant assistance from Clifford J. Treese, CIRMS. Treese is a CAI president and the foundation.

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