London 7 is coming! Rugby fans will be delighted! 4,444 Londoners will be able to watch rugby and enjoy gourmet food and world-class music at this two-day event. After finishing third in Malaga, the British team is making great efforts in London to bring victory to the home spectators. Ireland is number one in points, but Fiji has won two of the last three Sevens. So make sure your team works. If you’re not in London and want to see all the actions, read the information.

How to watch London Sevens Rugby 2022


Live coverage begins on Saturday at 4 a.m. ET

Date: May 2829
Start time: 9:10 am BST
Live Stream: PremiumTV (everywhere)


Fiji is in London with a little win increase.  Americans haven’t been doing well since Dubai. South Africa has won four of the last seven seven times and eventually lost to Fiji in Singapore. After London 7, the final will take place in Los Angeles in August.
Can the British team claim victory for the host country? Will Fiji win it all again? Perhaps Argentina will show the world why they`re ranked first in the world. Tune in for all the London 7s action! US audiences can watch Peacock for a monthly fee. But Rugby fans from all over the world can watch the London 7`s on Premium TV without a monthly fee, cable subscription


London 7`s Preview

This year the London 7`s will have renowned DJs Karistocat, Toyin and Patrick Nazemi performing throughout the weekend and there will be may delicious food vendors for everyone to enjoy. It’s good to think that the British team can win, but all eyes are on South Africa and Fiji. South Africa was strong in the opening round and won the championship four times in a row.


Watch men’s World Rugby 7s from London

However, he struggled in the last three laps to give Fiji the opportunity to take control. Can South Africa return to the top or continue to lower its rankings? Can Fiji claim another victory? Check it out!
From these matches to music, you don’t want to miss London 7. Premium TV provides all the actions without the need for VPN or monthly services. You can see it from anywhere in the world. The next round will be on August , 2022, at the HSBC London Sevens Rugby Schedule in Los Angeles.
Saturday May 28-Group Stage


Sunday Sunday May 29-Final

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