Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that Bangladesh has the capacity to produce Corona virus vaccine in the country and give it to other countries. “If we are given the opportunity, we will be able to produce the corona vaccine and give it to the world,” he said. We have that ability. That is why I have taken the land. In this way I am working with initiative.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made the remarks at a session of the National Assembly on Monday (November 15). Elaborating on his recent foreign tour, the Leader of the House said that our success in combating the Corona virus has now gained international recognition. I have also said that we want to produce vaccines ourselves. Obstacles to vaccine production need to be removed.
He called on world leaders to make the vaccine coronavirus universal, saying it needed to be exposed and that the people deserved it. It has to be given as the wealth of the people. People around the world should not stay away from vaccinations.
Sheikh Hasina said, now we are not behind. I thank the people of Bangladesh. They have repeatedly voted for me. Gave the opportunity to serve. We tried our best. Within a decade, the transformation of Bangladesh has gained a status in the world. No one in Bangladesh has to go out and listen.