International Yoga Day 2021: These Yoga Day Memes Will Leave You In Splits


International Yoga Day: Here’s a look at the memes that are flooding social media.

International Yoga Day is being celebrated today, i.e., on June 21. The theme for this year’s International Yoga Day 2021 is ‘Yoga for Wellness’. Over the years, yoga has gained international popularity as a trusted and efficient way of staying fit. Today, millions of people across the world have adopted yoga as a part of their lives. Every year, on World Yoga Day, they fill social media with yoga tips, videos and advice on how to perform aasanas properly. Many also share their own pics as a way to encourage others to take up yoga. However, every year, there are those for whom Yoga Day is the perfect opportunity to create memes. 

Here is a look at meme-makers who are exercising their creativity on International Yoga Day 2021 with some hilarious posts. Take a look:

Actress Kajol wished her 11.4 million Instagram followers a “Happy #InternationalDayOfYoga” with this picture of her sleeping peacefully. Confused? Don’t be, she’s only practicing shavasana.

Shavasana or the corpse pose is often used as a way to relax at the end of a yoga session. It is a position of rest and relaxation and – according to many social media users – their favourite yoga pose. Kajol’s thoughts were echoed by several others on Twitter, who claimed they were celebrating Yoga Day 2021 by performing shavasana. 

Even Zomato joined the fun with this rib-tickling tweet.

Take a look at some more hilarious Yoga Day memes that are sure to leave you in splits:

How are you celebrating Yoga Day 2021? Let us know using the comments section. 


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