So is street food nutritious? Of course it is. It is written here today to find them:


Arguably the healthiest street food is corn. On the street vans can be seen burning maize in a small clay oven. Such low calorie and low fat food. Along with this, this fruit also helps in increasing the digestive power. Moreover, the antioxidants in corn are good for the heart.


Surprised? Nothing to be surprised about. Velpuri is low in calories. It is slightly healthier than muri or other street food. But yes, definitely don’t eat on an empty stomach or in excess.

Pineapples, watermelons, guavas and many other fruits are available on the streets these days. But you can eat these fruits.

Both boiled and raw chickpeas are healthy. Onion, tomato, tamarind paste can be fed to chickpeas. But do not eat stale chickpeas for a long time. Fresh chickpeas are available in many shops in the market.

boiled egg
Boiled eggs on the street are also a good street food. Eating eggs even during the day is a healthy habit. Boiled eggs are also a healthy street food.