Mamata Banerjee, the leader of the Trinamool Congress, has announced the removal of the BJP from Goa, a small state in India. To that end, he is going to Goa for the first time on Thursday.

Ahead of the visit, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said the people of Goa have been uneasy over the last 10 years of BJP rule. This time he is going to visit Goa to give a new dawn to the people of the state. He will alleviate the misery of the people of Goa by removing the BJP.



The Trinamool won the last assembly elections in West Bengal by a huge margin. After this victory, the grassroots became more confident. The Trinamool said that this time they will fly the flag of victory outside West Bengal. In the Assembly elections in Goa and Tripura, they will oust the ruling BJP and form a grassroots government.

Birbhum Trinamool leader Anubrat Mandal told reporters in Bolpur on Wednesday that the Trinamool would win the Tripura and Goa assembly elections by a huge margin like the West Bengal assembly elections. The people of these two states want the grassroots to be free from the BJP rule.

Anubrat Mandal said, “I said during the West Bengal assembly elections that the Trinamool would win 220-230 seats. Trinamool got 213 seats in the election. Since then, five BJP MLAs have joined the Trinamool. So again, the Trinamool will win the upcoming Tripura and Goa Assembly elections by a huge margin. The BJP will leave the two states.

Mamata is going to Goa with the aim of removing BJP

Anubrat Mandal said the Trinamool would get 40 to 45 seats out of 60 in the Tripura Assembly. The Trinamool will get 30 out of 40 seats in the Goa Assembly. Goa Assembly has 40 seats. Assembly elections are scheduled for early next year. Tripura Assembly has 70 seats. Tripura is scheduled to hold elections in February-March 2023.

The BJP is currently in power in both Goa and Tripura. This time Mamata is on the field with the aim of winning in two states. Trinamool has already started campaigning in Tripura. The TLP claimed that several of its workers and supporters were killed in yesterday’s incident. The news agency Reuters quoted TLP’s claim as saying.

A Punjab police spokesman told Reuters that TLP activists attacked police with SMGs, AK-47s and pistols. Several members of the police were killed.

According to an online report by Qatar-based Al-Jazeera television, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed yesterday ordered the deployment of paramilitary forces in Punjab under the anti-terrorism law. He told reporters that members of the paramilitary forces would stay in Punjab for 60 days. They have been given the authority to conduct raids anywhere in the Punjab.

Mamata is going to Goa today to start her first campaign. Trinamool office has been opened in Goa. Former Goa Chief Minister Luisinho Faleiro joined the grassroots last September. Mamata has already appointed him as the Trinamool All India Vice President. On the other hand, the Trinamool has started a strong campaign by opening an office in Tripura as well.