With the departure of the old, the arrival of the new is inevitable. The new has come by the hand of that inevitability. Similarly, 2022 has come to the end of 2021. The place is to leave the yearbook of the artist’s brush strokes painted in beautiful scenes. After the ups and downs, the year 2021 has been deposited in the books of the past forever.

With the departure of the old

The New Year’s countdown begins as soon as sunset on Friday. The clock hanging in the corner of the room changed at 12 o’clock on Friday night. The English New Year has already come to our doorstep. Welcome to 2022.

With the departure of 2021, another milestone has been marked in the journey of the great age to the Infinite. This is the journey of the great age, each year comes with new impetus and inspiration. As a result, the New Year comes in a heap of old years. There is a saying that the new year bears the result of all the old activities. That is why there is an opportunity for self-criticism, self-evaluation and self-examination at the juncture of the old and the new year. It is not possible to do it in mere festivals and hustle and bustle.

With the departure of 2021

Lately, in the name of celebrating the New Year in Bangladesh, fierce festivals have added to the boundless debauchery. Due to this, self-criticism, self-evaluation and self-examination became twelve and the celebration of New Year became a matter of filth, obscenity and panic. In particular, the arrogance seen during the Thirtieth Night in the name of celebrating the English New Year endangers the law, culture and values.

In the name of the Thirtieth Night, a class of well-to-do youngsters in the aristocratic areas of the capital Dhaka and the big cities surrendered themselves to the unbridled current of arrogance, frenzy and merriment. At that time normal traffic was stopped in Gulshan, Banani, Uttara and Baridhara of Dhaka. When the innocent citizens panicked. The next day, the cleaning staff got tired of cleaning empty bottles of wine and beer from the streets of those areas. Sometimes intoxicated youth give rise to unintended events like accidents and bloodshed.

Such unbridled festivities are a heinous act in the light of religion, philosophy, principles, ethics, laws and values. As a result, well-meaning civilized people, irrespective of religion or philosophy, cannot support any kind of transgression and obscenity in the name of New Year or New Year.

Although law enforcement has banned the use of dance, song, and concerts in open spaces, many do not comply. However, adhering to masks, hygiene, and social distance during the Corona Flood is a legal and health issue. The World Health Organization (WHO) and experts have warned that not only Bangladesh but the entire world is concerned about the new and aggressive variant of Corona, Omicron. As a result, it has become very important to refrain from crowds and festivals during the English New Year and New Year. Because Omicron is much more contagious than previous versions of Kovid. Omicron has the ability to infect multiple people in a short period of time.

Although law enforcement has banned

Surprisingly, amidst restrictions and restrictions, preparations have been made in the capital’s star hotels to celebrate the English New Year or Thirtieth Night. Luxurious arrangement. Hotel hall, ballroom has been rented for the occasion. DJ dance parties and cocktail parties have been organized in the hotels from evening to midnight. In addition, DJ girls are hired for parties in elite clubs. Apart from DJ parties, various lavish events have been organized in the hotels. These events started from evening till dawn. Hotel Pan Pacific Sonargaon’s event organizer told the media, “On the occasion of Thirty First, a special dinner was arranged at Cafe Bazaar, a special night music with bar-biquet dinner. Various events are held at Westin Hotel, Radisson Blu Dhaka, Hotel La Meridian.

The world is ready to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022

The world is ready to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022. But due to the new type of Corona Omicron, there is no such event around the English New Year-2022. People from all over the world are going to start another year with a lot of joy.

The record of corona identification in the world is now skyrocketing. Some countries have been forced to stop holding New Year’s celebrations due to the new type of highly contagious coronavirus. Many countries are still hesitant about organizing New Year’s celebrations. Because as the new year draws to a close, news of corona infection is coming from all over the world. It is said that due to Omicron, New Year’s celebrations are going on.

Meanwhile, the country is going through various crises in everything starting from the political arena. Lack of democracy, political intolerance, violation of human rights, corruption, looting, lack of good governance seem to have engulfed the entire nation. Even in the fifty years of victory, the nation has not been freed from misrule. Coming in the 51st year, the people of the country want to get rid of all this. Besides, everyone expects the new year to be a symbol of prosperity.