Minissha Lamba reveals she was once accused of stealing money from someone’s cupboard | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood – Times of India


Minissha Lamba is all over the news these days. Ever since she announced her separation from her husband Ryan Tham, she has been speaking to the media about what went wrong, her thoughts on divorce, how she’s coping with everything, and things like that. Recently, too, during a radio interview, while speaking about the initial struggling days of her life, the actress shared about a shocking incident that happened with her years ago. She revealed that she was accused of stealing money by her landlady. She was quoted as saying, ‘When I came (to Mumbai), I couldn’t afford anything. I was staying in a PG, at a rent of ₹5,000 per month. At that time, the PG lady accused me of stealing, ‘You have stolen money from my cupboard’. I said, ‘I haven’t stolen money’ so I vacated the PG in two days because it was a question about izzat (honour). I didn’t have money, I couldn’t afford anything so I rented a flat for ₹7,000 per month which was like a big room. The whole flat was like a big room. It was so small, so small. But I couldn’t afford anything more.’

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