Sangram Online Desk: A report has been prepared in the name of 14 organizations and 29 individuals involved in money laundering allegations and it has been submitted to the High Court for hearing. The report was submitted to the High Court on Sunday (December 5).

Earlier, the report was prepared by the inquiry committee on the instructions of the High Court, said the ACC lawyer. The court has fixed Monday (December 6) for the hearing without hearing the matter on Sunday.

the report was prepared

High Court Justice on Sunday. The report was submitted to a bench comprising Nazrul Islam Talukder and Justice AKM Zahirul Haque. Khurshid Alam Khan.

Lawyer Abdul Qayyum Khan, ACC lawyer Khurshid Alam Khan and Deputy Attorney General Amin Uddin Maniqu were present in the court on behalf of the writ petition. During the hearing, the court said, “We want corruption and money laundering to stop.” Everyone has a responsibility.

Earlier, the ACC submitted to the High Court a list of 43 such individuals and organizations whose names appeared in the Panama and Paradise Papers scandals.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has said that it has obtained information on the involvement of these individuals and organizations by analyzing the data of various national and international media and reviewing the country-wise lists on the website of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

The Anti-Corruption Commission

In this regard, the ACC has said that out of 26 ‘predicate’ crimes of money laundering law, only ACC deals with bribery and corruption. The investigation is not going to proceed as the allegation is out of the schedule of the ACC.

Elaborating on the report, ACC lawyer Khurshid Alam Khan said that as the Prevention of Money Laundering Act has been amended, only allegations of money laundering arising out of bribery and corruption (involving government employees) can be investigated by the ACC. As a result, BFIU has been requested to take an effective initiative including exchange of information to recover money laundered in different countries of the world including Swiss Bank. They will work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government agencies to formulate a strategy by reviewing the strategies pursued by different countries. BFIU is taking necessary steps in that light.

The ACC lawyer said that a complaint against Abdul Awal Mintu for acquiring known non-income assets is under investigation by the Special Investigation and Investigation Division. The case against Musa bin Shamser for acquiring known non-income assets is under investigation by the Special Investigation and Investigation Division. In addition, a list of individuals and organizations reporting on the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers allegations was presented at the hearing.

14 names about Panama Papers
According to the report, in the first week of April 2016, news was published around the world under the headline “Panama Papers” about building a mountain of anonymous wealth through tax evasion, smuggling the country’s money abroad by disobeying the law and owning power through illegal income.

After analyzing the data of various local and international media and reviewing the country-wise list given on the ICIJ website, in the case of Bangladeshis, the names of 43 individuals and two organizations came up in the first phase.

There are 14 names in the list of individuals. They are: Chairman of Baraka Patenga Power Limited Faisal Ahmed Chowdhury, Director of Setu Corporation Umme Rubana and Managing Director Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury, CWN (A) Azmat Moin, Salma Haque of Banani, SM Jobaidul Haque, Syed Sirajul Haque of Baridhara Diplomatic Area, Dhanmar Modi and Sharif Zaheer, Tariq Ikramul Haque of Gulshan, United Group Chairman Hasan Mahmud Raja, Director Khandaker Moinul Ahsan Shamim, Director Ahmed Islail Hossain and Director Akhtar Mahmud.

According to the report, the demand letter was sent to BFIU, National Board of Revenue and Ministry of External Affairs during the investigation. The requested records or information have not been answered yet. Note that BFIUE is basically the most suitable medium for collecting information related to opening bank accounts abroad, registration of other companies including offshore or acquisition of property. In order to verify the accuracy of the statements of the accused persons, that is, the subject matter under investigation, i.e. the opening of an offshore company in the country concerned by that person and the information related to investment and transaction in it was not obtained from BFIU.

the demand letter was

29 names in Paradise Papers
Giving the headline of the report published in the national daily, the report of the ACC said that the names of 10 people were found in the first episode and 19 people in the second episode of the news about money laundering published under the name of Paradise Papers.

The 10 people in the first episode are – Abdul Awal Mintu of Multimode Limited, Nasrin Fatema Awal, Tabitha Awal, Tafsir Awal, Tajwar Md. Mughal Farida Y of Tyron PIA, Awal, New York, Shahid Ullah of USA, Chowdhury Faisal of Banani, Ahmad Samir of Baridhara and Bromer & Partners Asset Management Bangladesh Limited of Mohakhali.

The 19 members of the second episode are: Musa Bin Shamser of Venus Overseas Company, Fazle Elahi of Dynamic Energy of Baridhara, KH Asadul Islam of Intripid Group, Zulfiqar Ahmed of Khaleda Shipping Company, Tajul Islam Tajnul of Jamico Trade International, Tajul Islam Tajner of Shaping Company Huda Razzak, Imran Rahman of Ocean Ice Shipping Company, Mohammad A Awal of Shams Shipping Limited, Eric Johnson of Andres Wilson of Uttara, Farhan Yaqubur Rahman of Intrideep Group, Tajul Islam of Jamico Trade International, Amman of Padma Textile.