In the fifth match of the first round of T20 World Cup, the Netherlands defeated Namibia by 5 wickets and took a step towards the Super Twelve. The European team picked up two consecutive wins from three matches in the group stage.

Chasing the target of 122 runs set by Namibia, the Dutch reached the port of victory with 5 wickets in hand in 19.3 overs. BBC news.

The match starts at 10 am Bangladesh time on Tuesday (October 18) at Cardinia Oval Park in Geelong, Australia.

The Dutch were on their way to an easy victory after being set a target of 122 runs by the Eagles. He reached 100 in the 16th over after scoring a wicketless fifty in 6 overs. Two no wickets. Victory is a matter of time. But Namibia never spoke. They picked up 3 wickets with just 2 runs off 7 balls. Their desperate struggle was not successful in the end. The Dutch won by 5 wickets with 3 balls in hand.

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