The organizing body of Tokyo Olympics on Thursday unveiled a new environmentally friendly medal podium and newly composed music to be played during victory ceremonies.

The navy-colored checkered podium — made from recycled plastic — was presented to the public during a live online event.

The costumes and medal trays to be used by volunteers who will take part in the ceremonies are also produced from recycling.

President of the committee, Seiko Hashimoto, said she believes the ceremonies will help everyone to understand the value of holding the games during the pandemic.

Emphasizing that there are 50 days left for the organization, Hashimoto said she could almost feel the footsteps of the athletes approaching Tokyo.

Asao Tokolo, the creator of the games’ emblems, designed the podiums.

Podiums were made using marine plastic waste and household plastic to highlight the committee’s push for sustainability.

The victory ceremony music was composed by Japanese Naoki Sato. Volunteers at the ceremonies will wear blue costumes that combine traditional Japanese kimono with modern attire.


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