Commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal on Friday said the government will not change the current policy of foreign direct investment in the e-commerce sector as it has been “crystal clear” since it was announced, but added that certain clarifications would be issued shortly.

He also said the government will come out with the long pending ecommerce policy and clarification to the existing FDI policy for ecommerce sector after the draft consumer protection rules for e-commerce are finalized.

“We are not changing any policy on e-commerce for FDI. Policy is crystal clear ever since it was first opened up, but certain instances have come to our notice, where the policy is not being followed in letter and spirit. We will obviously be clarifying that very shortly,” he said while addressing reporters.

His statement comes days after he criticised US-based companies for “very blatantly” flouting India’s laws and being “arrogant.”

“As regards the final e-commerce policy, we have announced the revised rules under the consumer protection act. This is a series which involves consumer affairs, FDI policy and e-commerce policy,” Goyal said, adding that this has sent a “very strong” message to the world as there used to be criticism that India’s e-commerce policy is skewed against foreign investors.

“By announcing the e-commerce policy for consumer protection, we have demonstrated that our first and foremost concern is the consumer,” he said.

The rules are open for public discussions
till July 6.

“After that, we will come out with the e-commerce policy,” Goyal said.


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