A disturbing video that went viral on social media revealed the gruesome attack on Nahid Hossain by some helmet-wearing men during the student-traders clash in the New Market area.

However, police are yet to find any lead about the attackers appearing in the video.

The video shows Nahid’s unconscious body lying on the footpath in front of Nurjahan market while a man in a black helmet is hacking away at his body indiscriminately with a sharp object and another man in a yellow helmet is trying to stop him.

Later, two men were seen carrying Nahid from the spot. Although the video footage clearly shows the helmeted man was hacking Nahid in front of a crowd in broad daylight, police say they are still trying to trace the attacker.

New Market police station Inspector (investigation) Yasin Kabir told Dhaka Tribune that the police were still scrutinizing the video to identify the people involved in beating Nahid to death.

“We could not identify any individuals from the video footage yet. We do not know if the helmeted men were students or traders,” he said.

This is not the first time some unidentified helmeted men went rogue in protests.

In 2018, when school students took to the streets in calls for road safety, sparked by the deaths of two high school students in Dhaka struck under a bus, they were publicly beaten up by helmet-wearing men while policemen were just bystanders.

Even then the police could not identify anyone from the helmet-wearing group.

Nahid was found critically injured on the side of the road in the New Market area following clashes between shopkeepers and Dhaka College students on Tuesday morning. He succumbed to his injuries at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) at 9:35pm the same day.

According to police, Nahid’s body had multiple injury marks, suggesting he was brutally beaten.

Nahid’s mourning father, Mohammad Nadim Hossain, told Dhaka Tribune: “I lost my son and there is nothing in the world that could compensate for that. I watched the video and felt the pain my son went through over and over again,” Nahid’s father told Dhaka Tribune.

He said he did not want to get caught up in legal entanglements right now as he needed to take care of his family.

“I hope Allah will do justice. I cannot have my son back and I want Allah to guide all the people who killed my son,” he told the correspondent.

Nahid, who had married just six months ago, worked for a courier service on Elephant Road.