After her first failed marriage, Pooja Bedi found love again in Maneck Contractor. The duo got engaged in 2019 and since then have been painting the town red. Now in a conversation, the actress spilled the beans about her relationship with Maneck. Pooja said, ‘Today, I am engaged to this amazing man, Maneck Contractor. But you ask, if I had met Maneck seven years ago, would we have been together? No way. He and I were such different people back then. We wouldn’t have gelled. We have come together at the right time, the right place for each other. And that’s brilliant. And I can see this being something that will actually go the distance because today, I am ready for that journey.’ She added, ‘Each person who has come in between, from my marriage till I met Maneck, I had relationships, and each person was so perfect for that point in time and what they brought into my life. I clearly attracted that because I needed something specific for that journey of life.’ The actress also revealed how Maneck reacts when other men try to flirt with her at parties. She said, ‘You go to parties and men are always trying to be all flirtatious, come up with their body language a certain way, looking at you and trying to charm you and all that stuff.’ Furthermore she added, ‘I asked Maneck once, ‘Sweetheart, does it bother you that people come up and try to flirt or try to say certain things a certain way and you can see that they perhaps want more?’ He says, ‘The beautiful part is, you are with me because you love me. It is a compliment that men want you. And you want me. And that to me is the most important. It’s not about who wants you, it’s about who you want.’ And that shows such inner strength and inner confidence, and self-love and self-respect. And I admire that about him. That’s why I am engaged to him.’

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