World Cup Qatar 2022

The World Cup is being held in Qatar on November 20. Various analyzes are going on about who will win the title of this event. The 2002 World Cup came up in the midst of all this. The host team of that World Cup was Japan and South Korea. South Korea made it to the last four in a surprise to the world of service football.

1998 World Cup winning team

Marcel Desai, a member of France’s 1998 World Cup winning team, thinks that like South Korea, the host Qatar can present a surprise this time, and can reach the last eight. And Desai is keeping Argentina ahead in the race to win the title.

Desai then added, ‘After 2002, no South American team has won the World Cup. Maybe this is the time of a South American team.
Despite keeping Brazil-Argentina ahead in the list of favorites, Desai is not dismissing the potential of his own country. “Anything can happen in football, that’s the magic of the game,” he said of Kylian Mbappe-Karim Benzema’s chances of winning the World Cup.

Desai is not dismissing the potential

All in all, Desai said, ‘In 2002, I played in Korea-Japan. Seber Korea played very well. They advanced to the second round and also played in the semi-finals. It was a wonderful thing. We are praying that Qatar will advance to the second round.

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