If I‘m out and about and I don’t have a bag slung across my body, I feel naked and unprepared—like venturing into a dungeon without any health potions. What if I need chapstick, did I bring chapstick? How can I fit my phone, keys, and face mask all in the truncated pockets of my jeans? Where do I put the cool rock I just found? Extra storage capacity is essential to my everyday carry, and being able to swing the bag around to the front and grab anything I need is crucial. 

Backpacks are better for heavy loads or all-day trekking, but for lightweight everyday needs, nothing beats messenger bags, sling packs, and convertible hip packs. I’ve tested dozens over the years, and these are my favorites. 

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Updated September 2021: We’ve added the Savage EDC Two and Lo & Sons Pearl.

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