'Ride Cycle To Market,' Says Madhya Pradesh Minister As Fuel Prices Surge

Riding bicycles will help keep pollution away, Pradhuman Singh Tomar said


As the country reels under rising prices of fuel, Madhya Pradesh Energy Minister Pradhuman Singh Tomar offers a solution. Addressing the issue, Mr Tomar said riding bicycles to vegetable markets will keep people healthy and pollution away.

Justifying the price hikes, he said, the money coming from the increased fuel prices is being used for the welfare of the poor.

“… Do we ride a bicycle to a vegetable market? It will keep us healthy and keep pollution away… Prices are high but the money coming through this is being utilised for the poor man,” the Minister said.

“Are petrol and diesel more important to us or the health services of the country?” he asked.

Fuel prices have been on a constant upward climb across the country.

On June 23, Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had accused the previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) regime of fuel price hikes stating that the Congress had left millions of crores due on the present government due to which the Centre has to pay both its interest and its price.