Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala Dutt, who is a psychotherapist, keeps spreading awareness about various issues and often hosts interesting conversational sessions on social media. Recently, Trishala held a Q&A session on Instagram and shared some advice on how to deal with judgmental people. During the session, a social media urser asked her ‘How do you deal with so many people judging you constantly?’, to which Trishala replied, ‘I’ve had people judging me since the day I took my first breath lol it comes with the family name, unfortunately.’ She then shared a different perspective on people who pass judgements and wrote, ‘When dealing with highly judgemental people, don’t take it personally. When people are feeling down, unhappy, lost, and disconnected from themselves and the world around them, they begin to project their own darkness onto the people they interact with. They start judging the world around them. Haven’t you noticed? It’s only when we are unhappy with ourselves, and our lives, we begin to judge, blame and criticize those around us. Nobody does this when they’re happy’.

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