Sangram Online Desk: State Minister for Information Dr. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered Murad Hasan to resign. Awami League general secretary and road transport minister Obaidul Quader told reporters at his residence on Monday night.

Obaidul Quader said, Dr. Tuesday. The Prime Minister has instructed Murad to resign.

He said, on Monday evening with the Prime Minister. He talks about Murad. After the discussion, the Prime Minister said. When Murad was ordered to resign, he conveyed the message to the state minister at 8 pm.

Jamalpur-4 MP said. Murad Hasan is a central

Jamalpur-4 MP said. Murad Hasan is a central member of Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad (Swachip) and Ekattar Ghatak-Dalal Nirmal Committee. In the Awami League government formed after winning the Eleventh Parliamentary Election in 2016, he was first given the responsibility of the Minister of State in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Later, in May 2019, he was appointed as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Murad Hasan has been in the discussion for the last few days as a result of various controversial comments. Due to the controversial remarks, various quarters were demanding his dismissal from the cabinet.

At a recent Facebook Live event, BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia, her son and senior vice chairman of the party Tareq Rahman, Begum Zia’s granddaughter and Tareq Rahman’s daughter Jaima Rahman made ugly remarks. Murad.

Later, he was accused of making offensive remarks about the leaders of Chhatra League of Dhaka University.

Meanwhile, at midnight on Sunday, the record of a phone conversation between the state minister of information and film actor Mamnoon Hasan Emon and actress Mahiya Mahi spread on social media. The state minister used offensive language in the phone conversation.

He confirmed the authenticity of the viral audio to the media, saying that the phone conversation took place two years ago. The state minister had called him the night before a movie masterpiece.

Meanwhile, in an interview with BBC, Awami League joint general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif said that it is advisable to have etiquette in politics.

Meanwhile, in an interview with BBC

“Those who think of the people all the time, speak for the people, if there is no etiquette in them, then no welfare of the people can come with them,” he said.

“There may be differences of opinion, there may be differences of opinion, so to say indecent things about someone, to do something ugly – these are not acceptable.”

Hanif said that on Monday morning, the party had recommended at the top level of the party to take maximum punishment against Murad Hasan.

Meanwhile, despite trying to contact Murad Hasan in various ways, no response was received.

Murad Hassan spoke to several personal officials. They said Murad Hasan would not speak at the moment. However, Murad Hasan will resign by Tuesday.

Murad Hasan is still in the post of MP, in the party posts at central and district level, then what will happen to him, the joint editor said in response to this question of BBC, steps will be taken in those matters also.

“We will decide to give him maximum peace,” Hanif said.
Source: BBC