The Cabinet Division has sent a summary of the resignation letter of State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murad Hasan to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Ganobhaban. This information was given by a responsible official of the cabinet department in the first light on Tuesday evening.

Earlier in the day, Mohammad Gias Uddin, the public relations officer of the state information ministry, handed over his resignation letter to the cabinet department on behalf of Murad Hasan. Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had ordered the resignation of Murad Hasan on Monday for making indecent, indecent and extremely insulting remarks towards women. Obaidul Quader, General Secretary of the ruling Awami League, conveyed the directive of the Prime Minister.

It is learned that Murad Hasan went to Chittagong on Monday in the face of strong reaction to his statement. From there he made his resignation letter this morning through the officials of his office. He later signed it and sent it by e-mail to the officials of his office. But in that resignation letter, he mentioned the date of assignment as State Minister for Information, 19 May 2021. The date mentioned in the resignation letter is correct but the year is wrong. The Minister of State for Information was actually given the responsibility on 19 May 2019. Later, however, it was amended and submitted to the Cabinet.

In May 2019, Murad Hasan was removed from the post of Minister of State for Health and transferred to the post of Minister of State for Information. Murad Hasan is an MP from Jamalpur-4 (Sarishabari Upazila) constituency. He is the Health and Population Secretary of Jamalpur District Awami League. However, he is also losing this party post. Because the district Awami League has recommended his expulsion.

The state minister’s obscene remarks about BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s granddaughter have been sharply criticized on social media for several days. Meanwhile, an audio of the state minister’s phone conversation was spread through various media including Facebook yesterday, where he used obscene language while talking to an actress. At the same time he was threatened. Besides, it was alleged that he also made offensive remarks about the students of Dhaka University. This caused a strong reaction in different quarters. After that it was decided to remove him.

Not even a month has passed. Two big leaders of Awami League lost their posts. Gazipur Mayor, the first largest city corporation in the country. Jahangir Alam. The second is the Minister of State for Information. Murad Hasan. Mayor Jahangir Alam was first expelled from the party. He was later fired as mayor. Murad Hasan has been asked to step down as state minister for the time being. Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif, joint general secretary of the party, told Prothom Alo on Tuesday that party action would also be recommended against him.

Political analysts say poisonous, vulgar remarks against opposition leaders have become part of the country’s political culture. In many cases, the juniors are motivated by the senior leaders of the party. The recent incident of Murad Hasan is a reflection of this. However, they believe that his resignation was a positive decision.

Seven years ago, Awami League Minister Abdul Latif Siddiqui lost his ministry and party posts after making such blatant remarks. The central leaders of the Awami League have been annoyed by these unbridled talks of the two young leaders within a month and the consequent loss of office. However, they say that the party has clarified its position with the message that Besamal cannot comment. This tough position will send a strong message on the ground.

The order to remove Murad Hasan

Awami League presidium member Abdur Rahman told Prothom Alo today, “The order to remove Murad Hasan from the ministry is a positive decision. The message is that the party is tough on those who tarnish its image. ”

Latif Siddiqui, Jahangir Alam, Murad Hasan and Rajshahi’s Kantakhali Mayor Abbas Ali have different types of comments. Some are accused of insulting religion, others are accused of making comments about Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Latif Siddiqui spoke in a public meeting. And he did not deny what he said. The personal conversation between Jahangir Alam and Abbas Ali was leaked and went viral on social media. Murad Hasan came on a Facebook live and made distasteful remarks against BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and her family members. An audio of Murad Hasan’s conversation with actress Mahiya Mahi was leaked during the discussion. In addition, Murad’s indecent remarks against female students on another live show were also severely criticized.

Latif Siddiqui stated

On September 26, 2014, Latif Siddiqui was removed from the ministry after he insulted the Hajj and Tabligh Jamaat in a program in the United States. At the same time he was expelled from his party Awami League. He was expelled from the party’s initial membership. The statement issued by the Awami League to Latif Siddiqui stated, “Your statement is not only disgusting and unwelcome, but also a blow to Bangladesh and the Muslim Ummah.” That is against the policy of Awami League and a clear violation of ideology and constitution. ‘

Dozens of cases were filed against Latif Siddiqui in different parts of the country over the remarks. An arrest warrant was issued. Several Islamist groups have called for a strike to demand his arrest and trial.

Latif Siddiqui was a member of the presidium of the Awami League. The party cited Article 48 (a) of the constitution as the reason for the ouster. That paragraph says, ‘No good