In Rajshahi, a 10-month-old child has been vaccinated with four doses at a time. The three doses of the vaccine have already been given to the child. Today, the child was taken to the EPIcenter in the New Colony area of ​​Rajshahi city for the fourth dose of vaccine.

In Rajshahi, a 10-month-old

After the incident, the child’s father called the national emergency service number 999 and called the police. Four health workers have been given the notice to show cause in the incident. A three-member inquiry committee has been formed. The incident took place in the New Colony area of ​​Rajshahi city on Sunday.

The vaccine is administered at EPI centers in the city under the management of the Health Department of Rajshahi City Corporation (Rasik). Rasik’s health workers provide the vaccine. Josna, Shilpi, Tahmina and Azahar Ali, field workers of Rajshahi City Corporation’s health department have been given the notice to show cause for the incident.

After the incident, the child’s father called

According to the child’s family sources, Sumaiya Khatun was taken by her mother Mausumi to the Urban Clinic near Sheikh Russell Children’s Park in Chhota Banagram area of ​​the city at 10:30 am under the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI).

Daughter of Saddam Hussein in the New Colony area of ​​Sumaiya Nagar. Health workers have made this mistake under the guise of story. They gave Sumaiya four doses of the vaccine, three of which were repeated, Saddam Hussein, the child’s father, alleged. He said in the first light that he was suspicious when he saw the baby’s body deteriorating after he was brought home. Looking at the ticker card, he realizes that he has been given an extra ticker dose by mistake. That’s when he ran to the vaccination center. But the health workers were not paying attention at all. He was forced to call 999 and call the police. Upon receiving the news, local ward councilor Touhidul Haque came. In front of them, the health workers admitted that they had mistakenly given a double dose of ticker.

Saddam Hussein in the New Colony

Sumaiya’s father, Saddam Hussein, said Sumaiya had been given the third dose of the EPI vaccine on June 23 last year. The fourth dose was supposed to be given on December 12. He was not vaccinated as he was not in Rajshahi then. Additional vaccinations are given when the baby is taken on Wednesday. He also said that now Sumaiya has a fever.

Azahar Ali, the supervisor of the vaccination program, said he was not at the center at the time of the incident. However, he heard that the health worker had mistakenly vaccinated the child without looking at the register and tab. Rasik’s doctor Sarkar Bonny came to see the child in the afternoon. He did not want to talk about it.

Sumaiya’s father, Saddam Hussein

Touhidul Haque, councilor of ward 19 of Rasik, said that the medical officer of Rasik Sarkar had seen the baby and told him that he would not have any problem. However, four people were immediately given the notice to show cause in the incident.

Rajshahi City Corporation Chief Health Officer FAM Anjuman Ara Begum said a three-member committee has been formed to investigate the incident. Necessary steps will be taken in this regard after receiving the investigation report. For now, four people have been given letters to show cause.