President Mohammad is starting a dialogue with the political parties to form a new election commission next week. Abdul Hamid.

The President appointed the current Election Commission headed by KM Nurul Huda by forming a search committee through such dialogue.

Mohammad is starting a dialogue

Bangabhaban is preparing for a dialogue to appoint a new EC as the term of this commission will end next February.

A responsible source of Bangabhaban confirmed to a major online portal of the country on Tuesday that the dialogue will start on Monday, December 20.

The source said that President Abdul Hamid would start dialogue with the main opposition Jatiya Party in Parliament.

A responsible source of Bangabhaban

Asked about the issue, Jatiya Party Secretary General Mujibul Haque Chunnu said, “We have been informed today that His Excellency the President will hold talks with us next Monday (December 20) afternoon.” The official letter has not yet been received.

In this regard, the President’s Press Secretary. Joynal Abedin said the announcement in this regard will come in time.

In this regard, the President

An official of Bangabhaban said that the President will hold a dialogue with the parties registered with the Election Commission.

Although the President’s talks with the political parties are called ‘dialogue’, according to the language of Bangabhaban, it is called ‘talks with the registered political parties about the formation of the Election Commission’.

After the formation of the search committee at the end of the dialogue, the Cabinet Division issued a notification in this regard. The secretarial work of the committee is also in the hands of the cabinet department.

According to the Constitution of Bangladesh, the President has the power to appoint the Chief Election Commissioner and the Election Commissioner. However, even though it was supposed to be formed through a specific law, that law has not been enacted yet.

According to the Constitution of Bangladesh

Md. After Zillur Rahman appointed the EC by forming a search committee in consultation with the registered political parties, Abdul Hamid has been following the same process.

The BNP has already announced a boycott of the President’s dialogue. The party, which has called for elections under a non-partisan government, said the dialogue was “showy”.

There are now more than three dozen parties registered with the Election Commission, including the Awami League and the BNP. President Abdul Hamid started the dialogue with the BNP on December 16, 2016, to form the current Election Commission. He held discussions with 31 groups for a month.

The term of the EC headed by Nurul Huda will end on February 14 after two months. Before that, the president will have to appoint a new EC.

Since the law appointing the members of the EC, the constitutional body, is not even in the fiftieth year of independence, every time there is a disagreement in the political arena about the composition of the EC. Although the search committee has been set up twice to avoid complications, the controversy has not stopped.

Since the law appointing the members of the EC

Law Minister Anisul Haque said in the 15th session of the parliament on November 26 that she would be able to raise the law regarding the formation of the EC in the next two sessions of the current 11th National Assembly.

However, he said that the President will form the ECO search committee this time as before.

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