Today, if you chance upon old interviews of Bollywood celebrities before the whole ‘trail culture’ came about with the emergence of platforms like Twitter, you’ll be left speechless. Back then, with no fear of immediate backlash, celebs were often caught saying rather rash things. With social media, things that celebs say or do stay online forever, which, doesn’t bode too well for those celebs who tend to find themselves in ‘foot-in-mouth’ situations. Anyway, the point is that we want to look back at an old interview of Akshay Kumar‘s wherein he had said there is no man who is not lustful. Some years back, during the promotions of his film ‘The Shaukeens‘, Akshay had said that it is in a man’s DNA to stare at women and allow his imagination run wild. He said this exactly: ‘There is no man who isn’t lustful. When a man looks at a woman, his imagination is bound to run wild. A male’s DNA is composed such that he will stare at a woman. The catch is in how he behaves with the woman. Anyone who disagrees with this and says it depends on perspective is again trying to hide their lust because it is socially unacceptable to think free.’

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