It was two years and one day ago that Sarim Akhtar was propelled to international fame after Asif Ali dropped David Warner’s catch. 

Sarim’s disappointing frown and reaction went viral on social media, spreading like wildfire as millions of Pakistanis across the globe felt they were aptly represented by his frustration. 

On Saturday, Somerset Cricket tweeted about Sarim when it recalled the electric atmosphere in Taunton where the match was held two years ago.

“One of the greatest internet memes of all time was born in Taunton that day,” tweeted Somerset cricket.

Sarim, mesmerised by the memory, recalled how he had driven three hours from London to watch the game which turned out to be “iconic” for him.

Pakistan lost the important World Cup 2019 clash to Australia that day, losing by 41 runs. Warner went on to score 107 runs in the match.  


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