Obvious proof of Russian soldiers gathering together Ukrainian regular people and involving them as human safeguards has been found by the BBC. In numerous meetings in Obukhovychi, townspeople say they were taken from their homes at gunpoint and held in a school by Russians attempting to quit propelling Ukrainian powers. Nearby individuals likewise gave records of Russian soldiers shooting regular folks and holding others hostage in and around Ivankiv, the adjoining town.

The evening of 14 Walk, Russian fighters in Obukhovychi were enduring an onslaught and losing men and shielded vehicles. The Ukrainians were a recovering area.

As murkiness fell, nearby individuals, protecting in their basements, heard blasts and the crushing sound of heavily clad vehicles moving.

They had been under Russian occupation since the beginning of the intrusion – the region was on the fundamental pivot of Russian development. Obukhovychi is 100km (60 miles) from Kyiv, near Belarus and only south of the avoidance zone around the site of the Chernobyl atomic fiasco.

We have presently figured out how to address many individuals about what happened that evening. They by and large us the very anecdotes around 24 hours that damaged the town.

Families portrayed how the Russians went house to house, gathered them together at gunpoint, and walked them to the nearby school – where the Russian powers involved them as security.