North Korea is at risk of starvation as it moves into more isolation during this time of Covid-19. In this situation, the UN sanctions imposed on the country’s nuclear and missile programs should be relaxed, said a UN human rights official.
Thomas Oheya Kintana, the UN special envoy for human rights in North Korea, said in a report that the deteriorating human rights situation in North Korea could become a crisis. And the world doesn’t care about the plight of the North Korean people.

In this context, “the UN Security Council’s sanctions on the country should be reconsidered and, if necessary, to be considered for humanitarian reasons or to help save lives.” So that the right of the people of the country to maintain an adequate standard of living is upheld. ”

Thomas made the call in his final report to the UN General Assembly. The report is scheduled to be presented on October 22. The news agency Reuters saw the report.

North Korea does not recognize Thomas’ mandate and does not cooperate with it; Even Thomas’s Geneva mission received no immediate response. The Pyongyang government does not accept questions from foreign media, Reuters reported.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed concern about the country’s food situation last June. He spoke of food shortages caused by natural disasters last year. He also acknowledged that people were paying a price for the epidemic.

In April, however, North Korean officials dismissed a UN report on North Korea’s child malnutrition as “completely false.”

North Korea has not reported any casualties in Kovid-19. Moreover, the country has taken drastic measures to curb Covid, including imposing travel bans and closing its borders.

But Thomas, a special UN official, said it had reduced the incomes of many North Koreans, especially those who relied on trade along China’s border. The ban has an effect on him.

He said, “Providing food for the people has become a matter of serious concern. Many children and older people are at risk of starvation. North Korea is facing a shortage of emergency medical supplies and medicines as supplies from China are cut off. Humanitarian organizations are also unable to bring in supplies of medicines and other supplies. ”

“Most diplomats and aid workers have left North Korea due to strict travel restrictions, lack of essentials and lack of medical facilities. There is no progress in vaccination, and women’s and children’s health, water and sanitation are deteriorating. ”

“Currently, the humanitarian situation in the country is deteriorating,” Thomas said. So it must be avoided. ”