The Taliban in Afghanistan has claimed that the United States has agreed to send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.
The Taliban made the claim in a statement following the first face-to-face meeting with US envoys in Doha, Qatar, following the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in August.

According to the BBC, in addition to humanitarian aid, the meeting also discussed issues such as controlling extremist groups and removing US citizens from Afghanistan.

Sunday was the last day of a face-to-face meeting between U.S. officials and Taliban representatives in Doha.

The United States has said the talks were “open and professional.” But they also say the Taliban will be judged by their actions.

The Taliban said in a statement on Sunday night after the meeting that “the United States has stated that it will provide humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people and will provide assistance to other humanitarian organizations as well.”

The first US-Taliban meeting was held after the fall of Kabul

The group also said in a statement that the Taliban would cooperate with charities to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to those in need and facilitate the movement of foreign nationals.

The United States has said it is considering providing humanitarian assistance to Afghans. But the United States has not yet confirmed the Taliban’s demand for humanitarian aid.

U.S. officials have previously said that the meeting was held in the national interest to maintain contact with the Taliban. Not about recognizing the Taliban government.

The meeting between the United States and the Taliban took place on Friday, the day after a major suicide attack on a mosque in Kunduz, after US troops withdrew from Afghanistan.