Personalize your creatives with real-time insights across all digital channels New York, October 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Leading the world VidMob, an intelligent creative platform, announced today that it has acquired Chiligum, an advertising technology company that automates aspects of the creative economy. Created for large-scale delivery of personalized and dynamic ads. VidMob uses Chiligum to provide the first full-stack solution for creative operations for marketers looking for large, high-performance creatives while maintaining brand quality and best practices.

Chiligum’s creative automation technology helps teams bridge the gap between what their creative asset team can create and what they need for their media and digital experience plans, VidMob’s AI-powered creative analytics, agile creative studio Complements Brand Governance-A global network of experienced creators of product suites.
Creative optimization is an almost untapped opportunity for brands looking to improve advertising performance and performance. Creative agility is especially important for marketers running digital campaigns with a unique audience and a variety of ad formats.

VidMob technology enables brands to understand the impact of messages and creatives on the performance of their advertising campaigns and provide real-time insights that creative teams can implement. Chiligum allows you to quickly version and personalize your ads on a large scale. This is especially valuable for brands with large product catalogs, dynamic pricing and advertising requirements, or personalized advertising demands.

With the Chiligum, VidMob customers can easily

Accelerate ad production Build fast, best-performing versions of ads 90 ster Personalize large ads Automatically update ads with real-time data feeds Publish anywhere Easy to publish to all major digital and social media media Platform Global Creative Enablement Localize content for a variety of geographic, cultural, and business contexts
“Human creativity has always been the backbone of differentiation in communication. Creative automation gives creatives the freedom to focus on creating high-quality creative impact by eliminating the tedious formatting and version control tasks that have spent a lot of time and energy on the advent of digital and personalization.

Alex Collmer, founder and CEO of VidMob, said We welcome the Chiligum team and look forward to working with them to accelerate the development of intelligent creative operating systems.” “VidMob’s data-driven approach to creative performance is perfect for us.” I am. Deborah Folloni, CEO and founder of Chiligum. “VidMob offers the most comprehensive solution to support intelligent creative operations, high quality that allows marketers to eliminate creative bottlenecks, be intelligent, brand compliant, and support dynamic and personalized use cases. About.


Chiligum is a leading ad tech company headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, helping marketers create large-scale advertising content using automated solutions. Founded in 2015 by Forbes 30 under 30 Honoree Deborah Folloni, Chiligum has provided more than 7 million advertising materials for global brands to date. Most recently, the company was named one of Brazil’s 100 Notable Startups as one of the most promising and innovative companies in 2020. About VidMob has agreed to acquire Chiligum to add creative automation to the intelligent creative platform


VidMob is the world’s leading intelligent creative platform, providing end-to-end solutions that help brands improve their marketing results by integrating creative and data. VidMob is the only company in the world to receive a Certified Partner Badge for Creative Marketing from all major social and digital platforms. A portion of all the dollars that VidMob receives will be used to fund free creative services for nonprofits through 501 (c) (3) VidMob Gives. Most recently, the company was named on Inc. Magazine’s annual list of Best Workplaces for 2020, and VidMob received the 2020 Creative Intelligence Technology Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan. For more information on VidMob.