About Rocketry: Nambi Effect Movie (2022)

dr: Nambi Narayan (R. Madhavan) is a rocket scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization (I.S.R.O.).
After being falsely accused of espionage, he and his family are subject to public ridicule and embarrassment. However, Narayan did not give up and decided to fight for justice.

He is based on a real scientist of the same name, who was falsely charged in 1994 and acquitted by the Supreme Court in 1998 after a tragic struggle for pride, truth and justice.This movie is R. Madhavan’s directorial debut, shot simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil and English. Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of a cameo.

Actors: Madhavan, Simran, Ragga Kapur, Lavilla Gavendra, Mishagoshal, Muralidaran, Gulshan Grover
Director: Madhavan
Rating: 2 and a half (out of 5)
Hagiography, Tier Jarker, Rocket The Nambi effect, which is part of science, misses a major opportunity. The true story of a brilliant, enterprising and temperamental rocket scientist involved in a fake espionage incident at the height of his career could have been a solid drama and compelling character study.


Superficial and unfortunately, given the traditional storytelling style, this movie is neither. Given the range of personal and global themes, the Rocket-Nambi effect required endlessly imaginative writing and staging. Both divisions were directed by film producer and co-star R. Madhavan.


Actor Madhavan excels at traversing a wide range of moods, from the exhilaration, ecstasy, and arrogance of a character’s pros to the horror and vigilance of the protagonist’s plunge and sudden descent. Director Madhavan does not belong to the same league. He is lagging behind in damaging the whole movie.


Therocket project is built primarily of blocks taken from the ego report of the ISRO espionage incident by scientist Nambi Narayanan himself and career police officer P.M. Nea, a man who stands at the root of the truth and proves that the accused is a victim of a plot.

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The film begins on the morning of November 1994 and is a test when an aerospace engineer is rushed from outside the temple to a police station, where his family is humiliated and assaulted without his fault. Showed the beginning of. Before arriving there, a rocket jumps into space, followed by a rocket on the ground, after an introductory sequence (with Sri Venkatesa Suprathama’s rich and reverberant renditions and hymns of calls to mark the beginning of the day). The dive is over. Slowly slide towards the entrance to the Nambina Rayanan mansion in Trivandrum. Jumping out of the stratosphere is fine, but it’s dazzling and disorienting-some encapsulation of what’s ahead of the rocket-the Nambi effect.