World Music Day 2021: Top 5 Posts That Made Twitter Hum On Music Day


Today is World Music Day! Here is how Adnan Sami is celebrating the day

Today is World Music Day!  Celebrated on June 21, Fete de la Musique or World Music Day had its origins in France. It is a unique annual celebration of music, also known as Music Day or Make Music Day. On Music Day, young and amateur musicians all over the world are encouraged to perform. World Music Dayis a one-of-a-kind event that allows anyone to play their favourite instruments in neighbourhood parks and open spaces for people to enjoy. Music lovers organize free concerts and other musical events. World Music Day often coincides with the Summer Solstice, another great day for feasts and festivities. Twitter was abuzz with wonderful posts on World Misic Day. 

World Music Day: Check out these 5 top posts on Twitter

Who started World Music Day?

In 1982, the first World Music Day was celebrated on Summer Solstice in France. The then French Minister of Culture, Jack Lange was the person who started Fete de la Musique in Paris. Another well-known music composer Maurice Fleuret was also instrumental in starting a day for celebrating music. Music Day later became popular in all countries around the world.
Happy World Music Day!


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